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Dedicated, Experienced, Independent, Local Farm VETS


TEL: 01483 940 333

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PG Farm Vets provides veterinary services to commercial farmers, smallholders and farm pet owners in Surrey, Sussex and parts of Kent and Hampshire. We cover all aspects of the farming sector including dairy, beef, sheep, goats, camelids, pigs, and backyard poultry.

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Dedicated 24/7 emergency and routine vet care for all livestock.

Experienced vets who care about you and your animals.

Independently owned by local based vets who know the area.

Preventative health services for fitterflocks and heartierherds.

Competitively priced medicines.

Commercial, pedigree & smallholder friendly.

Client Training & Events.


“Lissie has been looking after my little flock of sheep, goats, and turkeys and more recently calves, she’s always fantastic with giving advice over the phone and always very helpful. I have recently had dealings with Ben who was equally very helpful.”
– Darren

“We remember well the exemplary after care Ben provided to the surviving twin from a C section on a ewe. As we probably informed you, it was subsequently sold after a lot of TLC as a stud ram.”
– Malcolm

“I have been ably assisted by Ben in identifying an effective targeted worming programme based on diagnostic laboratory sampling. Ben spent some time looking over the flock advising on their general condition and appropriate nutrition requirements based on the needs of the youngstock and the adult ewes. It’s great to have this local veterinary support which has already proved invaluable. Thank you Ben.”
– Claire

“Goat veterinary medicine can be a bit hit and miss, Lissie has it spot on; from kidding, disbudding and non routine emergencies the service and care is outstanding.”
– Luke

dedicated, experienced, independent, local farm VETS


TEL: 01483 940 333

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